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Semper Naldo santaclaring@icloud.com I would like to buy this car. http://www.fitzmall.com/Inventory/Detail/0411396953762/USED-2004-Toyota-Corolla 4/26/2015 3:04:49 AM
Pat Carbaugh patcar308@comcast.net I had a really great experience at fitzgerald today...Jeremy was my salesman and he was so kind and helpful..... Eric Hertzog business manager is really a nice guy........ http://www.fitzmall.com/Consumer/ReviewUs 4/21/2015 3:59:19 PM
Tim Duvall eastonparts@fredfrederick.com I have been trying to setup a commercial parts account for the past month. I have also been calling for the past month trying to get a status update on our application. I have called every single number I can find for your company and not one single person could give me the number to the appropriate department. That's at least 20 phone calls! Can someone PLEASE email me the CORRECT phone number for the person in charge of these commercial accounts? http://www.fitzmall.com/Store/StoreLocator 4/21/2015 8:47:58 AM
John Boska jboska@verizon.net On 4/20/15, on the website, I tried to schedule maintenance at 18707 N Frederick Ave, but when I clicked on "CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE", a big white box opened on my screen, but it stayed blank and nothing happened. http://www.fitzmall.com/ServiceParts/ServiceAppointment#apptForm/6/ 4/20/2015 7:17:30 PM
Karen Helfert go2ashlea@verizon.net I know Fitzgerald works hard to create and maintain an image of quality customer service...i.e., the “Fitzway”. After my experience at the Wheaton location, I can’t imagine how Fitzgerald is willing to let customers come in for service and experience the extremely negative version of the Fitzway. If I were in Fitzgerald management, I would be ashamed of how the Wheaton “service” location operates...from how it looks to how customers are treated. I used to get service on my Subaru at White Flint, then at Lake Forest for my Prius. Thus, I have had years of experience with Fitzgerald auto services and always have been very pleased. What happened? My Prius window washer stopped spraying fluid onto front windshield, it would just sort of bubble up, doing no good. Since I wasn't in need of regular car maintenance, rather than go way up to Lake Forest, I saw that there was a service facility in Wheaton....great! made an appointment online for 2:30 PM on the 24th. I drove in and the area under the car port by what turned out to be the service door, was filled with parked cars, so I stopped just outside that area....and was completely ignored. After having a breath taking experience when a service person drove a car between the front of car my car and a parked car...a very narrow space....I would have moved if asked because there was room enough behind me, but the cool, macho, car jock needed to show off and minimize his effort. After that near miss, I turned car off and went over to the service office. As I stood inside, I was totally ignored until the cashier finally asked if I needed help. The guys were all too busy to notice me standing there. I was directed to James. I explained I had an appointment and needed help with the spray mechanism for the front window washer fluid. I got a very blank look and he told me they were too busy that day and I would have to make an appointment for later in the week. I repeated that I had made an online appointment. He rather testily said “well that's what I axe you”. He started typing busily on his computer and after a long while, he apparently found my appointment. He asked this other man, Rolando, to get some numbers from my car. That didn’t work so well. I couldn’t tell whether Rolando couldn’t write the numbers down right or James could not read them or... Too bad he didn’t tell me what “numbers” he wanted, I had the VIN readily available in my wallet. He spent so much typing and typing said he was trying to get the work order in the computer. I wondered if he wasn’t familiar with entering a service work order ....or was passive-aggressively deliberately stalling Since the service office didn’t look all that comfortable to sit around, I asked about a Customer Waiting Room. James kinda waved vaguely in a direction toward Georgia Ave. After they took my car away, I left the “Service” office, I stood there wondering where the customer waiting area was...? There was a door next to the car entrance to repair area, it had an arrow on it pointing to the right. Could the customer waiting area really be through that dirty door posted primarily as the Parts Department. I finally saw the worn out waiting room sign painted on the window. Walking over I was appalled to see cigarette butts all over, just a dirty impression on the area. The sight of a rat trap just outside the door was a rather discouraging welcome. Entering through the door, was greeted by a counter with dead poinsettias, as I rounded the corner to the “Waiting Room”, another disappointing sight. Chairs along one wall and magazines with big signs on each cover saying “WAITING ROOM COPY”. A TV up in the corner was playing some “shoot ‘um up” TV show (vs CNN I was used to on TVs in other Fitzgerald customer areas). Along the wall opposite the chairs were tool bags, other supplies and new toilets in boxes. A sign said restrooms were upstairs, as was coffee. I finally climbed up stairs, no signage up there indicating where the restrooms were located. I finally saw the ladies room down a rather dark hallway. As I walked along the hall, I saw a lady in a meeting room apparently doing something with what looked like a coffee machine (I could not see any evidence of any other coffee machine out in the showroom). When I left the ladies room, the door to the meeting was shut...if that was where the coffee was located, it was no longer available. The ladies room was less than great and the floor looked like it had been some time since it had been washed. Back in the waiting room, I realized the charge on my iPad was getting low and the charger was in my car. I walked down the hall to the Parts Department because it looked as if that was a way into the repair area. What I saw there was a bunch of chairs and no sign prohibiting customers from going into the repair area... I could have walked right over to my car on the lift. Was ignored by the man working at the Parts Department computer. After waiting an hour for the diagnosis/estimate, I walked back to the office and asked what the status of the car. After some irritated blank looks, like what is your problem lady, he said he would go and find out. After at least 10 minutes, he came back. He said there had been a blockage in the line to the front washers and it was “blown out”. However there was a leak in the line to the rear washer and it would take at least two hours to take off eight panels to find the leak, so I could leave the car to be fixed on another day. I asked what I was supposed to do, I couldn’t walk home. More blank looks. He said if I took the car, since the work could not be done that day, I would have to schedule another appointment. He finally asked if I was on the “service plan” which meant I could get a loaner, I said yes. He started typing and typing and typing...he never did find that information. I finally said I would call back for an appointment, I just wanted to get my car, get out of that place and go ....and never come back. I was charged $60 to “blow out the blockage” @ a .5 hours of labor. Since the rear washer worked before I went in, I have to wonder if: blowing out the blockage in the front line actually caused the leak...as if too much “blow-out” pressure was used or, was the rear line damaged so they could charge me two hours of labor + parts to “fix” the line? The whole atmosphere of the place was so sleazy and dirty, I could believe the rear line could have been damaged by accident or on purpose...especially since it worked before I came. I finally escaped and was trying to drive out of the crammed lot, there was a a single exit/entrance lane. As I entered this lane, a Fitzgerald car jock swung in the other end of the lane. At least he stopped, but he waited and waited for me to backup and let him through. He was clearly a Fitzgerald employee (his jacket) and a new car with with writing on windshield and no tags per se. “Nice” way to end a couple of horrible hours. I wondered if this was a new location for Fitzgerald, but by how dirty the Fitzgerald jackets worn by the guys in the office it was clear they had been worn for some time. I was so depressed by what had happened. I have always been treated so well at Fitzgerald...not like I had just been made to feel like some crazy old lady not worthy of respect or care. I was depressed to have had to spend time in such a dirty, unkempt location. Treated as an irritation and so unwelcome. So depressing! I have photos of some of the less than wonderful areas I saw http://www.fitzmall.com/ 4/4/2015 8:36:51 PM
ne, naldacosta@yahoo.com Poop http://www.fitzmall.com/Consumer/ReviewUs 4/3/2015 2:22:27 AM
barry ephraim eyebear@aol.com had very bad customer experience in your gaithersburg subaru dealership. was in store with wife for 15 minutes before anyone noticed we were there. you were not busy. then misquoted price of car. when interested price went up $2000 dollars. still interested but bad taste in mouth about yesterday http://www.fitzmall.com/Contact/Chat 3/31/2015 8:54:21 AM
Sarah Kingdon CarlieKing2013@hotmail.com Great service! Waiting area very comfortable. Surprised how quickly I got in and out. My advisor Ismael Posada-Gran was extremely helpful and professional. 10's all around http://www.fitzmall.com/Consumer/ReviewUs 3/30/2015 5:39:37 PM
emily mooree@fitzmall.com The website only shows the next child ID event for June. Does not show March, April or May's events. http://www.fitzmall.com/Community/ChildId 3/28/2015 10:48:37 AM
Jerold Coffee jc022338@aol.com Haven't figured out how to get to survey. I am completely satisfied with service http://www.fitzmall.com/Consumer/ReviewUs 3/21/2015 11:34:56 AM
Drew White betndru@pa.net Purchased Toyota @ Chambg. store & were told to expect online survey. When can we expect the survey? Marty Manning was the business mgr. we dealt with. http://www.fitzmall.com/ServiceParts/Accessories?camp=2013SERVICEWELCOMEVIDEO 3/17/2015 6:21:41 PM
Kobi kobilifshitz@gmail.com I can inquire about used cars, and see the inventory, but I receive an error for every new car search I am doing. My last purchase in 2009 was based on the online inventory and was the quickest purchase I have made and was the first time I used mitzmall, so it will be shame to loose me due to technical difficulties. http://www.fitzmall.com/Inventory/SearchResults?Conditions=NEW&Makes=Hyundai&Models=Sonata+Hybrid&Trims=&Styles=&Trans=&Prices=&Regions=MA&Stores=&KeyWordSearch=&Sort=Price-ASC&inventoryGrid_length=100&Wholesale=&UseCriteria=true 3/16/2015 1:52:51 PM
J.Fuller jfharper32@aol.com Went to have vehicle serviced to what the mechanical tech advised, however, I was quoted a prize for service but the Advisor quoted a different price. After I made phone call to another source within your company,advised me to check my Manuel.After reading service for the miles it did not require such service. It's funny because the same thing was tried with my husband with his Chrysler and Hyundai .A call to Cooperate Office help clear up not recommend warranted services . I do want continue my service with your company ,but I will not be taken advantage of. The service advisor was rude. I do not and will not accept this unprofessional mannerisms from anyone. I will note this on my evaluation from Hyundai Motor Inc. http://www.fitzmall.com/Consumer/ReviewUs 3/14/2015 3:29:27 PM
KYEMOON LEE kmlee7545@gmail.com I cannot open the survey for service satisfaction. http://www.fitzmall.com/Consumer/Testimonials 3/9/2015 9:26:00 AM
Manuel d Martínez Cocotito23@gmail.com Need price for spark plug for Toyota corola 2011 Thank http://www.fitzmall.com/ 3/1/2015 6:21:28 PM
Ryan rds@ryansilver.net test http://www.fitzmall.com/Inventory/Detail/00002893494/NEW-2015-Buick-Regal 2/24/2015 2:03:07 PM