Handy Man

Why HandyMan Fixer-Upper's?

Many people have a limited budget to purchase a used car but they (or a friend or family member) know how to repair them. The low initial price provides the opportunity to obtain and “fix up” a vehicle for less. For many, this could make a difference that enables educational opportunities, a job after school, or a 2nd or 3rd job, all leading to a better life.

Because each HandyMan Fixer-Upper has been through our FitzWay 138-Point Used Vehicle Inspection , you will know which repairs are needed to pass state inspection and which are required or optional to make the car usable. You can fix it up at your own pace or perhaps pay someone to have it restored. You can choose to use parts from wrecked vehicles or a used parts supplier, there are countless what-ifs.

All repairs you choose to have Fitzgerald Auto Mall complete will be performed at up to 50% off Retail Rates. Some restrictions apply.

Most importantly, we show our customers everything we can find wrong with the vehicle and offer it at a very low price. The vehicle is then delivered to your local address (or the shop you desiginate to restore it).

These cars and trucks are intended for individuals not businesses. If they don’t sell in a reasonable time period we will sell these to our regular wholesalers.

Having these vehicles to show will make it easier for customers to see how dangerous it is to buy a used car, any used car, without our FitzWay 138-Point Used Vehicle Inspection. These cars in many cases look just as good as the other cars we sell. The difference is only clear after reviewing our FitzWay 138-Point Used Vehicle Inspection.

Similar cars can be found in the classifieds and online listings. Everyday cars and trucks just like these are sold to unsuspecting consumers at retail prices!! With our HandyMan Fixer-Upper used vehicles, you can do more than just read about the risks, you can see, touch and demonstrate them for yourself. Then review the FitzWay 138-Point Used Vehicle Inspection Report on each vehicle so you'll know what is needed to make the vehicle safe and operate properly. Afterwards, you will know why the FitzWay is the Safe Way and the very best way to buy a used car.
There's Just No Better Way To Go!!

About the FitzWay 138-Point Used Vehicle Inspection Report. We can not see inside of the engine or other assembled components of the vehicle, but we believe our FitzWay 138-Point Used Vehicle Inspection is the most comprehensive inspection possible, that is also affordable, and we rely on it to determine what warranty (if any) we offer on all our vehicles. We provide this report so that consumers will know as much about the condition of each vehicle as we do.