Fitzgerald Auto Malls Speaks Your Language
ROCKVILLE, MD – March 21, 2013        We get into our car, we buckle up our kids, and we think we’re safe. It’s something we almost take for granted, but do you know that the number one killer of children, ages 3 to 14, is motor vehicle crashes? Now take notice of the next chilling statistic… that 73 percent of child safety seats are incorrectly installed.
A local business has made a commitment to help the community. Cars lined up in Rockville today, on Nicholson Lane, as parents waited patiently to have their child safety seats installed and inspected. Jack Fitzgerald, founder and CEO of Fitzgerald Auto Malls, started the Fitzgerald Child Safety Seat Inspection Program in 1999 after learning about the dangers of improperly installed child safety seats. For the past 14 years, Fitzgerald Auto Malls, in partnership with national and local government agencies, has been committed to preventing injuries and increasing the number of lives saved through properly installed child safety seats.
Since 1999, morethan 100 Fitzgerald Auto Mall employees have earned their certification as Child Passenger Safety technicians. As of the end of last year, Fitzgerald has installed and inspected over 42,000 child safety seats. No other local volunteer program in the United States has ever achieved this many child safety seat inspections within a single program.
“We took a recent survey of our employees and found that 20 percent of our associates can speak another language.  We counted 45 languages, including English, spoken at Fitzgerald Auto Malls. We’ve taken a step towards translating some important facts about child safety seats, and we hope you’ll look to your community leaders for assistance in learning about the importance of having child safety seats properly installed and inspected,” said Jack Fitzgerald.
“Our community continues to become more diverse. We understand the importance of reaching out in as many languages as possible to educate parents and caregivers,” added Fitzgerald.
The Washington D.C. metropolitan area has been a magnet for international immigration since the late 1960s. In 2010, the Washington D.C. metropolitan area joined other places in the U.S., including Dallas, Houston, and New York, as majority minority regions.   The overall population growth in this area is fueled primarily by the growth of Hispanics and Asians.  In Montgomery County, the population is comprised of 17.47 percent Hispanics and 14.10 percent Asians.
Fitzgerald Auto Malls’ Child Safety Seat Inspection Program is free and open to the public. Inspections are held at the Buick|GMC dealership on Nicholson Lane in Rockville, MD, on the third Thursday of every month.  Visit for details or to make an appointment.

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Count Percentage Count Percentage
Hispanics 806,207 14.13% 172,914 17.47%
Black or African Americans 1,468,839 25.75% 173,915 17.57%
Ethiopian 39,369 0.69% 10,350 1.05%
Asians 534,623 9.37% 139,546 14.10%
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Asian Indian 132,227 2.32% 31,312 3.16%
Iranian 27,956 0.49% 9,150 0.92%
Russian 81,544 1.43% 32,310 3.26%
French 102,385 1.79% 19,268 1.95%
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  Washington D.C. Metro Area 5,703,948      
  Montgomery County, MD 989,794      
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