Smart Car Shopping the P.T.A. Way

Transparency and trust are at the core of the FitzWay. We post the genuine FitzWay price for all car buyers - a no-haggle delivered price that includes all costs except government-mandated tax and title fees and the Dealer Processing Fee. We provide a PTA (Price, terms and add-ons) worksheet for our customers that show them the full cost of their car purchase and breaks it down piece-by-piece. Our FitzWay values emphasize honesty and respect, fair dealing, and attentive customer service in every part of our business.

Fitzgerald Auto Malls wants you to know that if you're shopping for a the whole deal! Be an informed shopper by comparing three important items...the Price, the Terms and the Add-ons and you won't get taken for a ride!

  • "P" = Price of the Car
  • "T" = Terms, Interest rate & the Number of Payments
  • "A" = Add-on Charges
More importantly, you must shop and compare all three items simultaneously and OBTAIN THIS INFORMATION UP FRONT! Insist that your salesperson put all three items together for you, so that you can compare their deal with other dealerships.

PTA Form

We have prepared an easy-to-use worksheet to use as you shop for your vehicle. Just ask the sales representative to fill in the form as you discuss the pricing of your car then ask a manager to sign this worksheet. Dealers typically require offers to be in writing and signed by the manager. Here are a few examples of what other area dealers require:

"Bring us a written buyers order approved by the other dealer's management." -Sheehy

"All we need to see is a completely filled out and signed buyers order from a manager at the other dealership." -Ourisman

...must be a bona fide offer from a Baltimore/Washington area dealer on the same vehicle with same equipment, in writing, signed by the general manager." -Antwerpen

"...provide us with a legitimate and signed written offer from any other dealer..." -Koons

Many dealers have these requirements because some dealers will under-price their vehicles to get you into their showroom and then over-charge you for add-ons to make up the difference for the low price they've quoted you...only Fitzgerald quotes the final Delivered Price. So, tell the salespeople at other dealerships that you want your offer sheet filled out and signed! That's the only way you can protect yourself against overpaying. Getting a fair deal on a car or truck doesn't have to be difficult or time-consuming. You just need to know the P, T, A's of car buying to make sure you don't overpay!