Pricing Philosophy

Fitzgerald Auto Malls are Posted Price Dealers, that is, our Pricing Philosophy is to post the FitzWay Low Price on every vehicle so you will always know our final selling price. We continually shop our competition so you don't have to.

The FitzWay Low Price...The Delivered Price Posted on the Windshield of Every Car!

The FitzWay Low Price is our lowest price which includes freight, the manufacturers’ warranty, and any manufacturer’s loaner car benefits.

It also includes certain manufacturer rebates and incentives (not all customers will qualify for all incentives and rebates). You may also qualify for other rebates and incentives. Contact us for additional information and to get your lowest price.

With the FitzWay Low Price, there are no additional fees to pay except governmental charges where you title the vehicle (taxes, title and tags fees) and the Dealer Processing Charge (Not required by law). Please keep this in mind when comparing prices. Use the Fitzgerald Low Price to compare our prices with those of other dealers.

The Difference between Traditional and Posted Price Dealers

Delivered Prices

Posted Price dealers such as Fitzgerald Auto Malls, advertise what are called Delivered Prices. The Delivered Price does not include any extra “add-ons” and every vehicle is offered at discounted prices every day of the year. The Delivered Price is the only price that cannot be increased by a dealer. At traditional dealers, the advertised price is not the final price. It is only the beginning negotiating price. A traditional dealer price is always increased with extra charges and dealer add-ons.

Compare our advertisements with those from other car dealers and you’ll find ours are very straight-forward and informative. Because our ads contain products from many manufacturers, our advertising costs are reduced which lowers our final selling price. The advertising savings plus additional savings of inventory and selling expenses result in the lowest prices in the market.


The ePrice (and Conditional ePrice) is our lowest advertised price. It is not a delivered price. Customers may not qualify for all incentives. All ePrices exclude taxes, title, tag fees, freight and Dealer Processing Charge (Not required by law). We advertise this price on many new vehicles so consumers can make comparisons with other local dealers that use similar pricing. ePrices are valid on in stock vehicles only.

Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)


The Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is an excellent way to compare new vehicle prices. If you are comparing our prices with prices from other dealers, make sure that the MSRP is the same. Depending on the make and model, some vehicles may have certain options included in "option packages" and others may have many of the same options priced separately. The posted prices on our vehicles show the option packages and separate options (if included) on each new vehicle.

Factory Invoice

The Factory Invoice is the amount listed on the actual invoice sent from the factory to the dealer and may not be the final cost to the dealer. Please keep in mind that many Internet resources provide factory invoice data with certain regional charges excluded. Ask to see the certified factory invoice on any new vehicle we offer. We will be happy to review this information with you.