Jack Fitzgerald Says It’s the Right Thing to Do
ROCKVILLE, MD (APRIL 8, 2015)    Subaru awarded the Eco-Friendly Dealer Award to both Fitzgerald Subaru dealerships in Rockville and Gaithersburg this week. The Subaru Eco-Friendly award recognizes environmental stewardship and the reduction of a dealer’s carbon footprint on the environment and helping the Earth in the five key areas: energy efficiency, water conservation, recycling, waste management and community involvement.
According to government figures, automobile dealerships are an energy-intensive industry, with facilities consuming about 110 kBTU per square foot compared to prime office space at 93 kBTU. That amount can add up to thousands of dollars in water and energy costs for the typical dealership per year. All dealerships have the ability to reduce energy costs by at least 20 percent with more advanced energy efficiency and aggressive energy management approaches.
“We are grateful for Subaru’s recognition of our Environmental Management System (EMS).  Our associates deserve the credit because they have worked hard to improve our recycling to maintain a robust EMS system.  We know, it’s simply just the right thing to do," said Jack Fitzgerald, CEO and founder of Fitzgerald Auto Malls.
Fitzgerald Auto Malls is the first automotive dealership group in North America to become ISO 14001 certified, the highest recognition available for quality management with a focus on the environment, a distinction that sets them apart from all other dealers.
As the first dealership to become an EPA Green Power Partner Member of the EPA Green Power Leadership Club and a long-standing member of the Clean Energy Partnership, Fitzgerald Auto Malls works hard to maintain a high level of environmental and energy consciousness. The goals of the Fitzgerald EMS system goes beyond simply meeting environmental laws and regulations, it extends to their everyday practices and business decisions, including:
·         Providing a safe working environment for their associates, customers and the surrounding communities.
·         Reducing the environmental impact and potential pollution of their products and services whenever possible
·         The continual improvement through the assessment and monitoring of their environmental impacts.
·         Creating a culture of awareness and commitment to Fitzgerald Auto Mall’s Environmental Quality Policy.

Fitzgerald Auto Malls recycles over 80 percent of all solid waste generated at Fitzgerald dealerships; that’s twice the national average for businesses. All electricity at Fitzgerald facilities is purchased from Green renewable energy sources, with 100 percent wind power at all of the dealerships in Maryland.
To learn more about Fitzgerald’s commitment to the environment, please visit or go to

Jack Fitzgerald, CEO and Founder of Fitzgerald Auto Malls, receives the Certified Subaru Eco-Friendly Dealer Award
Jack Fitzgerald, CEO and Founder of Fitzgerald Auto Malls, receives the Certified Subaru Eco-Friendly Dealer Award from Dave Ford, Subaru Zone Dealer Development Manager. Both Fitzgerald Subaru Rockville and Fitzgerald Subaru Gaithersburg won awards for reducing their carbon footprint on our environment.




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